Ground water entering the home or causing glaciation on a hillside driveway can be a frustrating and expensive problem to cure.

Water will always take the route of least resistance. If the water is entering the foundation wall you must give the water not only a barrier to intrusion but an escape route. For this reason the usual method is to provide a water proofing membrane on the outside of the wall. We recommend a good quality (expensive) bithuthene barrier applied to the wall. The barrier can then be overlaid with a drainage matt or fabric on polyethylene shell that allows the water to travel down to a leach pipe placed at the bottom of the footing. The drainage mat contains a filter fabric that allows water to pass while trapping earth material on it's surface. The water takes the route of least resistance thru the fabric to the drain pipe which is also tied to the fabric and then the water drains either to day light or to another small leach field or dry well. Dependant on the situation you may be able to easily remove the water to a lower elevation on the lot or you may have to make other engineering arrangements to remove the water.

Ground water can be directed away from a leach field area or away from a driveway earth cut to solve problems of leachfield flooding or glaciation. In this case a narrow trench is excavated up gradient of the area and the water is collected by a gravel filled trench having a barrier material on the downhill side and a filter fabric  on the uphill side. This sounds simple enough but the problem comes in the construction when you are working with saturated soils and placement of select gravel and a flexible membrane at any depth. 

Water flow can be unpredictable, finding ways around and under drain structures and for this reason we cannot guarantee any single method will eliminate the problem or if it does, for how long. The methods described above are best attempts with available technology but we have had good results with the above.

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"Water was entering our basement area and preventing the use of the area as a living space, after contacting Midnight Sun Excavating their crew placed a curtain drain above the house and solved the problem. We have not had a problem with water intrusion for the last 3 years" Bud Rice, Eagle River, 696-0221